How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Mobile Apps?
How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Mobile Apps?
December 15, 2016

Are you a small business? If so, you know that in order to be competitive and relevant these days you need a mobile platform. Going mobile is not just about putting together a mobile friendly website, although it is a must if you are a retail business owner! It also means connecting your business with on-the-go customers and potential prospects. Small and medium-sized businesses can benefit greatly through mobile app development. Let’s look at a few top tactics.

Connect with your target audience

With the rise of Geo-targeting, locating your key audience has become increasingly easy. All you need to do to connect, is to send location-based time-sensitive messages. If you are able to target location-specific audiences your business can send messages in the form of special offers, discounts and exclusive rates to people within close proximity. This allows small businesses to deliver ads targeting the base at the right time. Furthermore, it lets you connect with consumers in real-time. Set up a platform for your loyal consumers and send out messages that are specific or best suited to their requirements whether it is a flash sale or special event.

Create loyalty programs

Create loyalty reward programs through mobile application development. There is nothing consumers enjoy more than rewards, bonuses, exclusive deals and early bird specials.  Make the app more fun and effective by finding out which offers they think are the most valuable. If your business can obtain such critical information, it will not only increase engagement but make customers feel appreciated thereby strengthening your brand.

Connect through real-time

If you are in services and have your own studio or salon, mobile apps will let your customers connect to you immediately and when necessary. For instance, customers should be able to make appointments, bookings and even sign-up for a new class. You can in turn confirm these appointments or send out reminders on public holidays, special classes and announce discounted rates.

Payment through mobile is best!

Let’s get into mobile payments. It seems that nowadays, everyone prefers to make their payments through mobiles. Even for small businesses, if you can offer your customers business transactions through mobile apps, you can be certain it will increase revenue over time. Remember, this makes the life of the consumer that much easier since they can pay while on-the-go.

Collaborate & Share

Mobile apps will not only help you stay connected to your audience it will also form a collaboration. Connectivity and communication are the key to any business strategy. When such a communication platform exists, the need for constant emails slowly ceases. In this day and age of advanced technology, customers prefer to send out queries and receive responses via instant messages instead of checking their emails. It is important to note, people do not spend more than half-an-hour on emails per day, and will instead be doing other things on their smartphones 15 hours a day.

Mobile apps help businesses stay connected with their customers in a cost-effective manner. It allows you to interact, collaborate, and share information and even documents in one place, while everyone is always on the move!