Mobile App Features That Effectively Enhance User Experience
Mobile App Features That Effectively Enhance User Experience
November 21, 2016

Business trends have changed drastically over the years and it has now become a real challenge to grow a business, and promote products and services in a manner that can reach the target audience. It is especially difficult to promote a business through mobile apps and make them stand out from so many others. Today’s market is fierce, and it is close to impossible to catch customer attention. You need to have an edge over the competition and provide the most user friendly interface.

These are the key features that the proficient team at AppEmirates consider to ensure a pleasant user experience:

User-friendly Interface

It is very important to have a user-friendly interface. The application should provide one-touch access to the information that a customer is most likely to be looking for. The application should also consist of information about the most relevant things related to the business.


An app should contain all key information that a customer would need, and should answer all queries and concerns that the customer might have. This is why they are utilizing the platform in the first place. Well informed apps are a sign of well-established business.


The app needs to be reliable. Once the app is available to customers, it should be correctly checked and verified. Your app is the face of your business and it will go on and project your company’s image to the masses. To ensure the success of your business, it is crucial that the mobile application is completely functional and bug free.


The most important feature that your app should have are thorough safety and privacy protocols for the sensitive data it will receive. An updated license agreement should be installed in your app to provide a sense of safety for your users. They should not feel threatened or violated by the display and should have a sense of assurance that the concerned company respects their privacy.

Easy Access

To date, every successful app has been very user friendly and accessible. Easy access means that the display, icons, features and programming of the application is very easy to understand and is flexible on multiple devices.

Challenges of Mobile App Developers

Presently, the market for mobile applications is massive. To produce a product that encourages users to switch to a new app instead of existing ones is a very difficult task.

Still, whenever the responsibility of developing a mobile app is placed on our shoulders, we rise to the challenge with full dedication and work vigilantly to create a product that is in line with a company’s image, vision and audience. From there, we move forward to create an interface that is both attractive and distinct and an application that is exactly what the concerned client is looking for.