The Financial Benefits of Launching a Mobile Application
The Financial Benefits of Launching a Mobile Application
November 30, 2016

Before launching a mobile app, it is very important for business owners to have a clear picture in their mind as to why they’re making this move and what they can expect from it. Obviously, the reason you’re investing in a mobile application is to achieve monetary gains. However, the channel you may utilize to exploit this benefit may differ in accordance to your business layout and the services you are promising to your customers. In mobile applications, there are multiple options available through which the company can gain financial benefits.

Monetization Options for Mobile Applications in Dubai

Freemium for Applications and Games

    This is one of the most popular options. It allows users to download freemium apps and games. Since the application will be free, it will attract a wider audience and then the premium services will offer users upgrades to the application. The upgrades will require users to invest an amount, after which they will be able to access the full benefits of the service. Through this method, the application can convince users of its worth; hence, making it more likely for them to invest in an upgrade.

  • One – Time Paid Apps
    These apps require users to pay for the services during the first download to gain access. Getting users to purchase such an application requires the app to be very attractive with undeniably effective services.
  • Paid Apps + Paid Features
    This option is a crossover of the first two options. Although not very popular, it demands users to first pay for the app download and then pay for added features to avail the full version. This makes it crucial for the application to be of high standards so that it is actually worth the investment.
  • Free Apps with Advertising
    This option does not require users to pay for the download of features, rather they can avail the whole app absolutely free of cost. The company can then seek benefits by running advertisements throughout the application over the course of use.
    To determine which option is suitable for a client, an app developer must work closely with the team to help select an option that will yield the highest monetary gains suitable for the company’s long term growth.
    Companies should seek the help of professional app developers who can help them in more ways than one. Apart from developing apps from a technical approach, they also have the expertise to ensure that the app has a wide reach and high efficiency.