February 9, 2016

Drive Customer Loyalty Through Mobile App In 4 Steps

According to Appcelerator, using the 4 components of the mobile relationship lCustomer Loyalty Through Mobile Appifecycle as guide, you’ll learn about the most effective ways to connect with customers at the right time, on the right mobile device. The secret is to make your mobile app “sticky” enough for customers to keep on coming back.

The good news is, the world of mobile applications paved the way that allow businesses to communicate and engage with customers in fast and dynamic ways. A well-designed app, tailored to its audience, has the power to increase customer loyalty, encourage more frequent interactions, and drive sales.

Here are the 4 steps to drive customer loyalty through mobile app:

1. Reach. Most companies want as much reach with mobile as possible, but it is important to align objectives surrounding user experience and target demographic with platform selection. iPhone and Android phone applications tend to be more utilitarian in nature while iPad and Android tablet applications afford more real estate for deeper engagement

2. Engagement.  At the center of any mobile app or website is the user experience. Easy-to-use, touch-based, utilitarian or entertainment applications are the most successful. While there are books dedicated to this topic, the best practice here is to understand that there are major differences between web design and mobile design. Firsttimers typically cram too much content into a mobile app. Simplicity often wins the day in mobile.

3. Loyalty. Most consumer applications are downloaded, used once, and deleted. While user engagement is important, not everyone can build the next Angry Birds. Instead, increasing loyalty for most developers is an iterative process that includes analytics, incentives, and notifications. Make your app a “must visit” again and again.

4. Monetization. While app store sales continue to be the most popular business model for consumer applications, there is an increasing trend toward freemium business models that monetize content consumption or usage versus the initial application purchase. As well, there is an increase in popularity in models that monetize 3rd-party sponsors or simply reward loyalty. Choose the right business model for your mobile app.

Mobile apps, when poorly planned and designed, runs the risk of falling into the vast pool of mobile apps that are used only once, then abandoned.

Source : Appcelerator